Myrtle Beach Lunch & Dinner Menu

Lunch and dinner menu served from 10:30am to 8:00pm.


Make-A-Bowl: Just pick your choice of protein, mixed with spinach, red, green and yellow peppers or broccoli, in your choice from any of our “flavor god” flavors (choose from our selection of below) and served over quinoa, a sweet potato or choose a wrap (P28 flatbread), topped with delicious avocado and scallions.

Black Bean and Salsa Bowl: A bowl of Brown Rice or a sweet potato, topped with your choice of protein (Chicken, Turkey or Salmon). Topped with a medley of green, yellow and red peppers or broccoli, Black Beans and Salsa, sprinkled with chives. 

The Naked Chicken Salad: Chopped chicken breast mixed with fat free Greek yogurt, hemp seeds or celery over P28 bread with flavored lemon garlic seasoning.

The Avocado Toaster: Toasted slices of P28 bread. Smeared with roasted garlic cloves. With sliced or mashed avocado. Topped with hemp seed, red chili flakes and a sprinkle of salt and pepper.     

Beets By Bill: A mixture of fresh beets, asparagus and spinach, with your choice of chicken, turkey or salmon topped with hemp seeds.

Turkey Burger: Made using high protein Ezekiel Burger Buns piled with a blend of peppers and onions sprinkled with a selection of your choice of cheddar, Swiss, or no cheese at all!


How about a little more, Add Ons?

Homemade Bacon Bits

Hard Boiled Eggs: The perfect pack of protein on the go!

Carbohydrate Choices: Add more fuel for your muscles with an extra heap of carbs! Sweet Potatoes or Cauliflower Rice

P28 Chips and Dips: A take on a traditional favorite! A little guilty pleasure, without the guilt! Dip our P28 toasted chips in our delicious homemade guacamole or salsa!




The Eye of the Tiger:  Kale // Blue Berries // Beverly- Graham Cracker flavored Protein Powder // Maca // Ashwaganda // Collagen

MF Puddings Available – Flavors updated weekly!


Kids Menu

P28 PB and J

Oatmeal w/ chocolate protein

Chicken with brown rice and veggies

Turkey & Cheddar on P28 Bread with the crust cut off…of course!